I use predator-prey theory to answer ecological and evolutionary questions.

Bree Putman, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology

California State University,

San Bernardino

5500 University Parkway

San Bernardino CA 92407


My lab takes an integrative approach in understanding animal-habitat interactions in a changing world. We are particularly interested in the effects of urban development, an apt area of research in Southern California. We answer questions regarding IF species can respond appropriately, HOW they accomplish this, and WHY some species are better than others at dealing with rapid environmental change. We use community science (also called citizen science) data, field studies of wild animals, and laboratory work to quantify phenotypic and genetic responses. I tend to focus my research on reptiles because they make good models for animals that cannot easily move away from disturbances. Overall, output from the lab has the promising potential to inform management of species in human-dominated habitats and can be used in urban planning to support biodiversity in cities.

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I advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM. I support #DiversityInSTEM by mentoring students from diverse backgrounds


Nov. 2019 - Our natural history note on water anole eggs and oviposition sites is published in Herpetological Review.
Sept. 2019 - I officially start as assistant professor at CSUSB!
July 2019 - our paper on fence lizard morphology in urban environments is out in Urban Ecosystems!
May 2019 - first-gen student, Keitty, publishes her first scientific paper on the effects of paint-marking lizards in Herpetological Conservation and Biology!
Apr. 2019 - undergraduate mentee Andrea is profiled in a Herpetologist Highlight. The SCB Animal Behavior in Conservation newsletter is also released. I am lead editor!