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CSUSB Undergraduates:

Want to get involved in undergraduate research in ecology and evolutionary biology? First, read about the research projects and check out some of the recent publications to see if the lab's research interests you. Then, contact Dr. Putman directly to inquire about research opportunities. In general, working in the lab is a minimum one year commitment.

Prospective Graduate Students:

Are you a prospective master's student interested in joining the BREE Lab? You should also familiarize yourself with the lab's research by reading about the current projects and recent publications. Email Dr. Putman your CV along with a statement of research experience and interests, including specific projects that interest you. If there is an opening in the lab and if you meet the minimum requirements for admission, Dr. Putman will set up a phone or video interview to talk about graduate school possibilities. Prospective graduate students should read about the admissions requirements and process here.

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