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BREE Lab Represents at SCAS!

BREE Lab graduate students got a chance to present their research at the annual Southern California Academy of Sciences Meeting ( at Chapman University over the weekend. Daisy presented her preliminary results on how urbanization affects (or not!) lizard limb and toe morphology and locomotor performance, while Emily presented her final results (yay!) on how native lizards bask less in the presence of an invasive competitor. Congrats on great oral presentations!

In addition, Taylor, who is a mentee in the Natural History Museum's UNLAB program (, co-mentored by Dr. Putman, presented a poster on her research examining rodenticide exposure in Southern California snakes! About a third of the snakes we processed tested positive for rodenticides.

It was a great time for the students and trainees to gain more public speaking experience and to catch up with old colleagues and meet new friends.

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