Sarah Vasquez (CSUSB undergraduate) presented a poster on her research at the campus-wide Meeting of the Minds Symposium! Sarah is studying the skin microbiome of Western Fence Lizards and is interested in knowing whether urbanization affects the diversity and composition of bacteria and fungi residing on lizards' skin. So far, we've found that urban lizards do have less diverse microbiomes and we show significant differences in taxonomic composition. She created a video to go alongside her virtual poster event. Great job Sarah!

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  • Bree Putman

Most professional meetings were cancelled this summer due to COVID, but the Animal Behavior Society hosted a virtual meeting which attracted more than 1,700 participants! Two BREE Lab undergraduates presented preliminary results of their research projects. Nina presented in the Communication 4 session on how urban lizards have larger signaling patches than non-urban lizards. Emily presented in the Predation and Foraging 2 session on how she is using citizen science to study rattlesnake foraging behavior. It was both their very 1st conference and they did an excellent job presenting their work! Congrats to Nina and Emily!!

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  • Bree Putman

Welcome to the new BREE Lab website and blog!

After a stressful first year at CSUSB (wildfires, power outages, campus shut downs, a global pandemic, social unrest, etc), the lab is finally starting to come together. We are currently working on setting up a lizard room in our university Animal House and on acquiring permits and various approvals to start research activities. In the meantime, I am pleased to reveal the newly created lab logo (by Evgen Yurevich). He did an excellent job combining all the lab's research foci into a bright, fun, and approachable image. T-shirt and stickers coming soon!

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